“In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten. Then he who continues the attack wins.” ~ Ulysses S. Grant. And I might add, continue to attack and


    THE COMPANY:  Who makes this pump? What is the company really like? It seems to me that you want a company that is responsive to your needs. Do they make a product that is designed to the standards that you require for your customer and for you?

    Are they a big or a small company? Big is not necessarily better. The mindset of some companies is all about profits. Needless to say, profit is important, but so is the end product.

    Are they a public or a private company? Public companies are often driven by stock prices. It is a good thing to take care of their ownership but not at the expense of you or your customers.

    QUALITY: Not all submersible pumps are created equal. What is inside the pump is of vital importance, but the best manufactures will also pay attention to the details. An example would be the screws. I had a contractor tell me he put a submersible pump in the well and it had stainless steel screws, until he pulled it out of the well. There is a big difference between 304 and 410 stainless steel. His submersible pump failed because the manufacturer wanted to save money on the screws. In the end, he lost the pump and the customer.

    WARRANTY:  Check out the warranty. What is the length of the warranty? If it isn’t at least 5 years you might want to ask your manufacturer why. Manufacturers are required to honor their warranty. A question I always ask is what happens in the “grey” areas of a warranty. You want a manufacturer that will work with you when a warranty question is not black or white. The warranty is of critical importance to both you and your customer. It has value for you both.

    SERVICE: Service is just a word until you have to use it. Your manufacturer should be available to help with questions and situations that offer you opportunities and challenges. Do they have a customer service department that is available with an immediate response from a real person? Is their an engineering department accessible for commercial or industrial applications that require some expertise? Service is an important part of the product; make sure you have the best available. We all need support.

    VALUE: How much is a product worth? The most important part of a product is value. The pump must work, it has to have a good warranty, it has to be up to quality standards, and you must have great support. The details are important. Make sure you have a product that is as good as you.


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